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The oCeLoT project began in the year 2000 and has been heard rocking dancefloors in over 50 countries on festivals and parties worldwide. A discography of 9 albums and over 150 singles ranges from chillout and ambient music through all stages of trance from daytime and morning sounds until the deepest night. Aaron Peacock (oCeLoT) has produced electronic music since 1993. oCeLoT music is characterized by a driving energy, a rich range of sounds, intelligent progressions, and a constant evolution in themes. Never boring, often iconoclastic, it pushes you into a higher state of consciousness.

OCELOT Discography

This is a partially complete discography... the releases keep coming, and i'm probably forgetting a dozen releases here and there...

Artist Albums: oCeLoT

Artist Album- "Night & Day"
New Album from 2013!
(psychedelic trance)
Artist Album- "Violet Rays of Light"
Chillout EP from last year
Artist Album- "Prog-A-Lot"
Free Download!
Artist Album- "Style Is Not A Style"
Free Download!
Artist Album- "You Live In A Zoo"
Zaikadelic Records
Artist Album- "9 Lives"
Zaikadelic Records
Artist Album- "PsyMaTiX"
2007 Dropout-Productions
Artist Album- "DreamSelector"
2006 Vertigo Records
(melodic morning trance fusion)
Artist Album- "vectorSelector"
2005 Dropout-Productions
Artist Album- "Aural Sects"
2002 Strange Attractor / Ceiba Records
(minimal & psytrance)

Compilations Featuring oCeLoT tracks:

Acquiring Influence Volume 1 'Compiled by Sponge' (3 tracks from OCELOT!!!)
Tree of Life
Free Download (Psytraveller Magazine and SunStation records present:)
Casual Freaks (SunStation Records compiled by DJ Unitone)
The Riddle of Petra (Avatar Records)
Moon Koradji: killer track "Bowl has a hole (howl sic)" remix from first comp but 10x better...
(psychedelic trance)
Freerunners compilation (Psylife) sort of Fullon-ish track "Russian Trance Hippies"
(psychedelic trance)
Shamanic Icaro
(psychedelic trance)
Chaotic Harmony
(psychedelic trance)
25 reasons for life
Indigeous SOS Benefit
Peace & Love 2
Revolve magazine Winter 2009 CD
World People doublepack cd...
Khan Altay compilation (from Khan Altai eclipse festival 2008)
Moon Station (first comp)
Clocktail Records "True & Psyche Tales"
Moon Koradji- "Infinity Keepers"
Track #1: "The Hole is a Bowl"
Dharma Harmony Records- "Lotus Seed"
Track # 3 "Slob Tshan Gchig"
Vertigo Records- "Secret Vision"
Tracks #4, 5 &6 : "Frisky (rmx)", "UFO in Gifu", & "Beach Party"
(morning trance)
Underground Sound Promotions- "Into The Void"
Tracks #1 &2 : "In-Form" & "Decide (for yourself)"
Avatar Records- "The Riddle Of Isla De Pascua"
Track # 6 "Lucky Fungus (Dream Of The Moai Part I)"
Halu Beats Records- "Halu Beats Vol.1"
Tracks # 10 "Dirty Appetite"
(progressive/minimal trance)
Mindwaves Music- "Plantations"
Track # 7 "Have No Fear"
Trance Karma Records- "Freaks Blast"
Track # 5 "Next Generation"
Zaikadelic Records- "Neverending Story 3"
Tracks # 5 "Shock 2 the System"
Dropout Productions- "AlienFM2- Illegal Aliens"
Tracks # 1 & 8 "I'm On Fire" & "Whirligig"
Indigo/Vertigo Records- "Peace and Love"
Track # 1 "Saint Catherine"
Avatar Records- "Night Vision"
Tracks # 3 & 7 as "oCeLoT", Track # 4 as "Parus vs oCeLoT" (psytrance)
Manic Dragon- "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Tracks # 2 "Theatre of the Mind" (psytrance)
Underground Sound Promotions- "Frequency Transmissions"
Track # 4: "Kaliflower"
Fabula Records- "Ultrapop2"
Track # 6: "SuperCool"
Psy Life - "On The Right Path"
Track # 2: "BomShakaLakaBom"
Cosmic Theater Records- "Dream Theater"
Track # 9: "Dreamatics" Evsy (Erasor vs Yogalka) & oCeLoT
BNE - "Full Moon DVD"
Track #10 "Psychedelic Family" (3/4 psytrance mix)
5th Element Records- "Chronicles"
Track # 2: "MVP"

Night Oracle Records- "The First Oracle"
Track # 4 "Mnemonic Device"

Avatar Records- "The Riddle Of Santa Catherina"
Track # 4 "Riddles in Stone"
(chill out)
Vertigo Records- "In Your Mind " (EP 12'' Vinyl)
Track #1 "Wide open" (Vinyl Version)
Track #2 "Oh Yeah" (Vinyl Version)
(melodic/progressive trance)
Mass Abduction Records- "Black Project: D.A.T.A."
Track #6 "Woot"
Trip Records- "Buddha Power"
Track #9 "Shake It"
Trishula Records- "Sonic Seasoning"
Track # 3 "Sunyata" (mistake in cd text- tracks 3 and 4 are swapped)
Insomnia Records- "Infernal Intuition"
Track #4 "Princess Soup"
Element of Time Records (online only www.elementoftime.net)- "Vapour"
Track #4 "Under the Table"
Peak Records- "Peakopath"
Track # 7 "Put Another Synth on the Barbie" oCeLoT + Yab Yum
Track # 10 "Minor Deviant"
Shaman Films - "Ah Puch Lord of the 9th Dimension"
Track #5 "30 Seconds Left"
Dropout Productions- "Space Divers"
Track #7 "Psychedelic Family"
Vertigo Records- "AcidSport"
Track #2 "JungleDisco23 Rmx"
Cosmic Theater Records - "Cosmic Theater"
Track #2 "Snake Oil"
Mistress of Evil- "Mindshare"
Track #2 "Ba Dum Bum"
Zaikadelic Records - "Neverending Story"
Track #6 "Sirius Logistics Inc."
Yellow Sunshine Explosion- "Goa Girl"
Track #7 "Turn It Up"
Phreex Network- "Phenix"
Track #6 "Phenix"
Dropout Productions- "Project Eleusis"
Track #9 "Happy Birthday"
Avatar Records - "Goa Gil: Karmageddon"
Track #6 "BigBamBoom"
Auraquake- "Seismic Mood"
Track #5 "Trumpeter Swan Remix"
Geomagnetic TV - "San Fran Psychos"
Track #6 "The Bridge"
Dropout Productions- "Alien FM"
Track #4 "Turn It Up"
Track #10 "Flashlight"
Insomnia Records- "Invisible Incursion"
Track #8 "Damn"
Vertigo Records- "Timeless Flash"
Track #3 "UpsyDaizy"
Shaman Films- "Engrams"
Track #5 "KickStart"
Manic Dragon- "Inner Panic"
Track #9 "Arapahoe" as vectorSelector
Nabi Records- "Run Motherfucker Run!"
Track #6 "Mon Petit Chou Chou" as vectorSelector
Ceiba Records - "Howeird Street Faire"
Track #6 "Peace"
Psy Fi 604 - "PsyFi604"
Track #5 "Dont Freak Out"
Ceiba Records- "Language of Light 3"
Track #7 "Bust"

Remixes and Collaboration Tracks:
Pukkawallah (Japan)
OCELOT & GU track
(psychedelic trance)
Track OCELOT & Master Margherita on MM album "Marginal Rules"
(psychedelic trance / techno)
Koalision "The Groover" Ocelot Remix (Communique Records)
(psychedelic trance / techno)
Penta "Global Economic Downturn" Ocelot Remix (Auraquake Records)
(psychedelic trance)
Zaikadelic Compilation feat:
(psychedelic trance)
Manic Dragon - "Inner Panic 2"
Track #6 "Introspective" - Ghreg on Earth, Mubali + oCeLoT
Vertigo Records- "The Meaning of Life"
Track #2 "Scary Boubles" by Terminator (oCeLoT remix)
Track #8 "Xilogz Frog Grog" by oCeLoT (Furious remix)
Auraquake- "Jitter Glow"
Track #8 "Wild Wild West" - oCeLoT, Entropy, Dejan, AlienMental, DylAlien, Quasar, Ghreg On Earth, Mubali, and More!
Dropout Productions- "Chew On This"
Track #10 "Quaternary" - Alien Mental + oCeLoT
Manic Dragon - "Multiple Personalities 2"
Track #6 "Quack Attack" - Kindzadza + oCeLoT
Manic Dragon- "Multiple Personalities"
Track #6 "MoodSwinger" - Mubali + oCeLoT
Kagdila Records- "Kagdelicious Volume 3"
Track #7 "Something Different" - Random + oCeLoT
Insomnia Records- "13th Dimensional Connection- Kindzadza and Friends"
Track #3 "Mute"
Mass Abduction Records- "Desert Encounters"
Track #2 "Dispensin Dispersion" - Chromatone + oCeLoT
Soular Records- "Breathe"
Track # 2 "How to Get Off on DMT" - Deeper in Zen + oCeLoT